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We are a digital learning consultancy. We create roadmaps, facilitate change and future-proof sites for teaching and learning evolution.


Consult with us to transform your site to digital teaching and learning through proven approaches.

Speed it up

Effective change management reduces time of adoption of the change.

The future of Learning

Prepare learners for 21st Century contexts where skills such as communication, networking, sharing and content creation are in demand.


Employ pedagogies that are learner-centred and relevant to modern learning contexts. Use technology as a tool for effective teaching.

Contextualised for the Site

Look forward to a customised road map that models best practice in digital learning for your site.


Employ distributed leadership models that provide opportunities for all staff to participate. Building self-efficacy amongst staff creates can-do attitudes.

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Personalise Learning

Providing learners with independence to design their environments, curate resources, communicate with peers and teachers in a learning community and create digital artefacts that are meaningful to them, is pedagogically important.


Future-proofing means that when disruptive innovation comes along again, and it will, your site will save money, time and effort by being prepared. CloudEd’s strategies and approaches aim to provide your site with sustainable processes and a road map that can be used repeatedly. CloudEd can also visit for regular health checks.

Action Learning

Another key to sustainability of new strategies, is staff engagement and ownership.  We engage staff in authentic learning that will result in real outcomes for the site as well as build their teaching standards in recognised career stages. Outcomes include all those from the five key Assignments as well as those that are personal and professional, and set by individuals throughout the transformation program.

"We don't know exactly what the classroom of 20 years' time will look like and what it will need, so it makes sense to focus on agility in design with adaptability to the demands of new technology. Three walls are more than enough for a classroom - teachers and students need to be able to work with and see each other. Teachers in sight of colleagues learn from and with their peers. Sharing improves the quality of teaching as good ideas gain greater currency within a school."

− Stephen Heppell is Felipe Segovia Chair of Learning Innovation at Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, M. U. (2015, February 17). Time to think outside the classroom square. The Sydney Morning Herald, p. 16.

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