About CloudEd

Following four years of research into modern digital teaching, learning and communication, Louise Lewis has established CloudEd.

Educational technology brings many learning opportunities and it continues to rapidly evolve. At CloudEd we are aware of the time and effort that it takes to realise strategic goals associated with embedding technologies and suitable pedagogies, while also undertaking the many different roles associated with teaching and learning, this is where CloudEd can help.

CloudEd applies recognised frameworks and techniques that have been customised to strategically embed technology for learning in both educational institutions and enterprises so that it not only sticks, but supports people to deal with the ever changing nature of teaching and communicating with technology.

One of these frameworks is a Change Management methodology which was found to be directly associated with speed of adoption of change, utilisation and proficiency. CloudEd offers certified Change Management specialists in digital teaching and learning.

Not only does CloudEd’s qualified staff perform research to ensure that the latest techniques are used, but they have tried and tested them in real practice with real teaching professionals and students with GREAT success!

These results have informed part of CloudEd’s approach which is our PEACC program (Personalisation, Environment, Ability, Community and Content) for professionals, and because we have such good results, we stand by our service and belief that our techniques are the best available.

Advantages of CloudEd’s approach include that its processes can be tailored to both the status and capabilities of the site and unlike normal staff development which can be hit or miss, CloudEd has built-in continuing support options so that the implementation of digital teaching and learning at your site is fully realised and sustainable. Therefore, our full range of services is divided into five key assignments.


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