Status in implementing digital teaching and learning.

This tool is part of a self-assessment program which will help you to prioritise areas for development in your institution or enterprise environment. It is most suited to education and training managers and principals, however access is open.

The self-assessment consists of five items:

  1. The Vision
  2. The Strategy
  3. Leadership & Planning
  4. Digital Literacy & Citizenship; and
  5. Implementing professional learning.

Beneath each item are five descriptions of phase progress which are:

  1. Foundation – the earliest phase, digital teaching and learning (DTL) implementation is beginning.
  2. Emergent – some established practices and resources support DTL implementation.
  3. Functioning – DTL innovation is evident in parts of the site culture.
  4. Strategic – describes adoption and change which is embedded in the site culture.
  5. Transformative – quality digital teaching and learning  is evident through the whole of site implementation and change.

Please select one phase description from each item that best describes your site status with implementing digital teaching and learning.

Once completed, please contact CloudEd, to further explore the full assessment and plan the critical path towards completion of your digital teaching and learning strategy roadmap.

NB if you are completing your self-assessment from within a school site, it is possible that your firewall will block submission. Please print a copy of your responses using the button below before selecting ‘submit’ and then advise CloudEd. This will ensure that you receive timely feedback.


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